Color Chart 1

Black Dark Brown Nature Brown
 Black Dark Brown  Nature Brown
Nature White Olive Green Marine Blue
 Nature White  Olive Green Marine Blue
Oxblood Red Rosto
 Oxblood  Red  Rosto
Muscade Elephant Lilac
Muscade Elephant Lilac
Aqua Galapagos Copper Purple Satin
 Aqua  Galapagos-Copper  Purple Satin
Black Perlato Old Silver Snow
 Black Perlato  Old Silver  Snow
Cognac Humus Havanna
 Cognac  Humus  Havanna
Indian Tan Azalea Pink Lady
 Indian Tan  Azalea  Pink Lady
Light Blue Bronze Pearl Beige
 Light Blue  Bronze  Pearl Beige
Castle Rock blueberry Copper
 Castle Rock  Blueberry  Copper
Pearl Rust acid orchid
 Pearl Rust Acid  Orchid
  matt surface  matt surface
Burned orange pearl Café pearl Sienna Pearl
Burned Orange Pearl Café Pearl Sienna Pearl
Leather color Silver Leather color Orchid Haze  
             Silver         Orchid Haze  

Lamb Leather

Fuschia Spring Green Blue Radiance
Fuchsia Spring Green Blue Radiance
Orange Jeans Baltic
 Orange  Jeans  Baltic
Oyster Pearl Yellow Cobalt
 Oyster  Curry  Cobalt
Curry Lemon Lime
 Pearl Yellow Lemon   Lime
White Off White Pearl White
 White  Off White  Pearl White
Pearl Pink lavender chamonie
 Pearl Pink  Lavender  Chamoise
chili Wine Summer Plum
Chili Wine Summer Plum
Raisin DeepPink Barbie
Raisin  Deep Pink   Barbie
Pearl Taupe Grey Python Blue
 Pearl Taupe  Pearl Grey Python  Blue
Denim Embossed flower prints Cappuccino
Denim Blue Jeans
Black & Pink Flower

Pig Skin

Gold silver Brass
 Gold  Silver  Brass/Copper
Black Patent Red patent White Patent
 Black Patent  Red Patent  White Patent
Snake Print Champagne  
 Beige Snake Print  Champagne  


Cow Leather

Cow leather are slightly thicker.

Sky Blue Purple  
 Sky Blue  Purple  


*Keep in mind that colors shown on this website can vary a little
(even if the name of the color is the same) and may not
be accurately displayed on your computer screen.