Color Chart 3


Leather & Leather Cord  Color Chart 3

Reindeer leather

Black 4601Black Dark Brown 4600Brown
Black / Black Dark Brown / Dark Brown
Nature White 4604Nature White Nature Brown 4480Light Brown
Nature White / Nature White Nature Brown / Light Brown
Oxblood 4500Dark Sienna Red 4572Red
Oxblood / Dark Sienna Red / Red
Rosto 4480Light Brown Olive Green 4631Kansa
Rosto / Light Brown Olive Green / Kansa
Cognac 4521Cinnamon Humus 4600Brown
Cognac / Cinnamon Humus / Dark Brown
Black Perlato 4601Black Galapagos Copper 4601Black
 Black Perlato / Black  Galapagos-Copper / Black
Snow 4463White Pearl Beige 4575Pearl White
Snow / Off White Pearl Beige / Beige
Pink Lady 4492Tea Rose Lilac 4555Purple
Lady Pink / Tea Rose Lilac / Purple
acid 4627Maina Old Silver 4568Silver
Acid / Maina Old Silver / Silver
Aqua 4595Turquoise blueberry 4588Blue
Aqua /Turquoise Blueberry / Blue
Pearl Rust 4592CopperBronze Copper 4592CopperBronze
Pearl Rust / Copper   Copper / Copper
Muscade 4592CopperBronze  
Muscade / Copper  

Lamb Leather

Snow 4463White Off White 4575Pearl White
  White / White   Off White / Pearl White
Pearl White 4575Pearl White Lemon 4470Beige
Pearl White / Pearl White Lemon / Beige
Pearl Yellow 4583Gold Curry 4583Gold
Pearl Yellow / Gold Curry / Gold
Orange 4489Carrot Spring Green 4472Blossom Green
Orange / Carrot Spring Green / Blossom Green
4517Sapphire Blue
4625Baltic Sea
Blue / Sapphire Blue Baltic / Blue Sea
chamonie 4498Peach
4486Cafe Creme
Chamoise/Peach Cappuccino / Café Creme
chili 4565Moroc Red Wine 4461Bordeaux
Chili / Moroccan Red Wine / Bordeaux
Embossed flower prints 4601Black    
Black and Pink Flower / Black  

Pig Skin

Gold 4611Oro silver 4568Silver
Gold / Oro Silver / Silver
Brass 4592CopperBronze Snake Print 4486Cafe Creme
  Brass / Bronze   Begie Snake Print / Café Creme
white patent 4463White Red patent 4565Moroc Red
White Patent / White Red Patent / Moroccan Red
 Black Patent  4601Black    
  Black Patent / Black    

Cow Leather

Sky Blue 4517Sapphire Blue    
Sky Blue / Sapphire Blue    


*Keep in mind that colors shown on this website can vary a little

(even if the name of the color is the same) and may not

be accurately displayed on your computer screen.